Clients feedback for Immigration Trust

Immigration Trust is proud that we managed to support many of our clients' immigration goals.

Please check what we have done with some of our clients' complicated immigration matters.

Successful PPI cases

Did you receive a PPI letter from your case officer challenging you?

• A client came to be after being challenged by her case officer. Immigration Trust worked with her to get an extension first then managed to secure three years work visa.

Successful Reconsideration Cases

Did you apply for your visa in New Zealand and has your visa been declined? You have an option to apply for reconsideration within two weeks.

• Work Visa declined and applied for a reconsideration.

Successfully Depended Character Issues

• A client came to us after submitting his work to residence work visa himself. His case officer had challenged him for his drink-drive situation. Click here for more information.

Successful Unlawful/Section 61 cases

Are you unlawful, and do now know what to do? Did your Partnership-Based Work Visa declined and became unlawful? If you are in NZ, you can try Section 61.

• A gentleman came to New Zealand with a limited visa. He became suddenly ill and overstayed after his visa expired. Six years later, he met a New Zealand partner and lived together.

• A wife of a New Zealand Permanent Resident applied for a Partnership-Based Residence Visa then her work visa was expired.

• A client has become unlawful and tried to solve his situation. He contacted several lawyers and advisers. He found Immigration Trust from Google and organised a paid consultation.

• A partner of New Zealand citizen who became unlawful. We applied for a Section 61 and her Partnership based Work Visa granted. A year later, her Resident Visa was approved.

• A female client came to us before the Covid-19 lockdown. She is heavily pregnant. She has been unlawful for years and has a deportation order on her.

• A client came to us after leaving his violent partner, who supported his resident visa.

• A client came to New Zealand in 2014 with a visitor visa. Then he was told that his cousins would extend his visa, but it never happened. When he realized he became unlawful. He has been hiding for the past six years doing odd cash jobs.

• A client's partnership based resident visa was challenged, and her work visa was expired. She became unlawful.

• A client came to us after being unlawful in New Zealand for 18 months. A compliance officer was searching for her. The officer emailed her mother in her home country to let her know that once she is caught, she will be deported.

• A client came to us when her work visa was declined. Her employer's business suffered financially suffered due to the Covid-19, and Immigration NZ did not think her employer can justify the employment.

• A gentleman approached us by filling in our Section 61 assessment form. He visited New Zealand many years ago as a visitor then let his visa expired.

• A client approached Immigration Trust after her work visa (partnership based) was declined due to her husband's character issue.

• A client used our Section 61 assessment service after he realized that he let his student visa expired and became unlawful.

• A client used our paid consultation service to see Simon, our CEO. She was about to be deported and asked by a compliance officer to try Section 61 or leave New Zealand asap after being in New Zealand unlawfully for many years.

• A client who was UNLAWFUL for more than 5 years. His Section 61 request was successful.

• Letters from clients whose Section 61 request were successful.

• A client's student visa was expired due to the wrong advice from the university. He did not realize that he became unlawful for many weeks.

• Accidently unlawful Unlawful Cases then finally got Partnership based visitor visa approved which was submitted offshore.

• After months of hiding, finally being unlawful ends.

• A client came to us when her work visa was declined. Her employer's business suffered financially suffered due to the Covid-19, and Immigration NZ did not think her employer can justify the employment. She worked with Simon for many weeks to prepare and collect supporting documents. He applied her section 61 request, and she has a visitor visa (3 months) approved.

• A client's partnership-based resident visa was challenged multiple times; then, her work visa was expired. We applied for Section 61 and made sure her resident visa application was still alive. We managed to get the section 61 request granted, and her resident visa approved.

• A client googled to find our firm then read reviews from our clients. Later he engaged with for his wife's Section 61 application.

• A mother and two sons became unlawful. Their section 61 applications (3) were successful, and they are lawful again.

• A client became unlawful mainly due to the bad advice given by her previous lawyer/adviser.

Successful Partner Visa Cases

Does INZ challenge your partner visa (a NZ resident or citizen) and it seems like your visa would be declined?

• A client engaged with us for his Partnership based visitor visa, work visa and resident visa. At some stage, his visa would have declined due to unexpected circumstance, but we worked together to address the issue successfully. Finally, his Partnership based Resident Visa was approved.

• In January 2019, our client signed up for our package deal that looks after 3 cases. The journey began with a partnership-based visitor visa and progressed to work visa and resident visa. Finally, after two years, we secured all three of these visas for her.

• My client's husband was unlawful for many years, then we applied for his Section 61 request, which was successful. We engaged in preparing and submitting a Partnership based work visa application. It was approved last week after several PPIs. My client was given a 2-year work visa. We will engage to prepare and submit a resident visa.

• A client had some medical issue, but we over-prepared so the case officer did not have to ask any clarification and made this swift decision.

• One of the most challenging Partnership Based Visa Cases.

• Successful Partnership based Resident Visa - Submitted the application off shore.

Successful Ministerial Intervention Cases

• 1 Visa declined, 1 Unlawful, 2 Section 61 requests refused, self-deported then finally she got her Ministerial Intervention granted. Check here for more information.

Successful Critical Purpose Visitor Visa Case

• Immigration Trust engaged with a client overseas and managed to get the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa (6 months) recently.

Successful Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) Resident Visa Cases

• A client works as a Telecommunications Technician (ANZSCO 342414).